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Building a personal touch with every business partner is our top priority. We believe an open yet unobtrusive communication will get us the furthest in establishing a long business relationship. In our international team, you can find your personal contact in your native language. Instead of working out of China, our staff will be with you locally acting as your primary contact point.


We encourage you to ask your primary contact point about our network of external partners. Through our network, you can easily understand the other services we provide and discover such services may be beneficial to your business activities in the Chinese market, whether it is organizing your staff to train medical personnel in China, conducting training workshops in China or Germany, holding medical conferences product marketing events, the production of training materials and videos, or logistics handling for your products in China.

  • Bin Gu


    Fon: +86 21 202 31 261

    Fax: +86 21 202 20 597

    Mobile: +86 134 72 677 198